Met Gala 2021: All the Red Carpet Looks

The Met Gala, referred to as the fashion world’s Oscar Night, usually falls on the first Monday of May. But after a year off because of the pandemic, the star-studded night returns on the second Monday of September in 2021 as an even more exclusive affair than before, and guests like co-chairs Gemma Chan, Billie Eilish, Naomi Osaka, and Lorde turned looks on the red carpet. Last week, Rihanna revealed that she is hosting this year’s annual Met Gala after-party, so there was a good chance she would steal the spotlight this evening. And then she did! Right at the end, Rihanna appeared in an all-black to save us all. Below, all the looks from the Met Gala red carpet.VIEW1/167

Source: The Cut

One thought on “Met Gala 2021: All the Red Carpet Looks

  1. Wasn’t impressed as much this year..some people understood the assignment and served!!!while some just literally rolled out of bed and don’t get me started on Riri😭😭😭..She came wearing expensive Duvet😍😭😭😭😭

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