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Joseph Ejiro


Joseph Ejiro is a luxury womenswear and menswear fashion house In 2009, Ejiro showcased his first ever collection of 10 pieces at the then Plateau fashion week while being a second year student of physiology/pharmacology at the University Of Jos. In 2010 Joseph Ejiro presented a more robust collection at the 2nd edition of the same fashion week where he was handpicked to show at the French embassy organized fashion show “LA BEAU AFRICANA” FASHION SHOW 2010. In 2011 Joseph Ejiro was also one of the few designers at the NIGHT OF ELEGANT FASHION, LAGOS. Joseph Ejiro has graced the fashion pages of several editorials around the world including OTP Magazine, Genex Magazine, Panache Magazine, Belle Monde(PARIS), Vogue Mania, Runway Times, Vanity Teen magazine(USA), Edith Magazine(USA), Vogue Italia etc

The Joseph Ejiro brand thrives on sophistication and luxury to meet the needs of its high end customers and clientèle. The brand takes pride in its Made in Nigeria stamp and cherishes the rare and refined level of skills that we poses: from ready-to-wear pieces to couture creations, everything starts here.


Joseph Ejiro has been designing since the age of 15, altering clothing for himself to suit his personal aesthetics. Joseph Ejiro perfected the art of creating avant garde pieces through the use of local and international fabrics, embellishments, hand stitched embroidery and more.

“I could never imagine my life without fashion and design. It seems like my language has always been interpreted in dresses rather than written words.
Usually an image of context and aesthetics combined. Fashion design is where I can get lost and find myself again.
Since early childhood I have developed my design skills in various mediums, but it took years to find my own distinctive look and style that is now easily recognized. The expression of imperfect line sis what defines my style.
Throughout my educational path I have gained conceptual and design thinking…”